Past Life Regressions

"You go to this previous life, and you find things that you need  healing for in this life."
~ Dr. Brian Weiss


Past Life Regressions is an avenue that many people have found to help them on their healing journey.  Past life regression (PLR) is a holistic form of therapy that has been around for centuries and since the early 1900′s, there has been an increase in its popularity. Practitioners use various deep relaxation and meditative techniques to recover the participant's memories and help them escape their present fears. These techniques are used to take the participant back in time and have been effectively used to improve the quality of their lives. The sole objective of a PLR is to eliminate present-day fears, phobias, physical ailments and make a  soul connection to ones' life lessons. This is accomplished by discovering the subject’s roots in their previous lives.


Past Life Regression practitioners are able to view as objective observers the events of the past that have contributed to the present-day situation, through the meditative and relaxing techniques. Memories are held in the subconscious mind, the soul and the body at a cellular level. These memories are accessible and can be explored resulting in a far better quality of life for all who enter the amazing world of Past Life Regression. You owe it to yourself to discover the broader picture and integrate this new awareness in your life today. 

“We are all simply reacting, played by events that occurred centuries before.
~Marti Melville,  Midnight Omen Deja Vu

As a PLR practitioner and a member of the International Association of Professional Past Life Regression Therapists, Nancy makes it her mission to bring you through a deeply  transformative experience with compassion and create an atmosphere that is safe and contained understanding that everything that is discussed is confidential.