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Intuitive Flower Readings

What is a Flower Reading? 
The purpose of a Flower Reading is to show your true spiritual nature to you - that you really are an amazing luminous being of light...that you are far more than just the mental and physical presence of your body. The information I provide is accurate for you on a spiritual level, often including surprising elements about your true nature, past life or lives, current life journey or challenges. 

Flower Readings offer... 
a greater understanding of how your true spiritual self continually communicates energetically; deeper insights into your character/challenges in this lifetime; practical ‘how to’ advice on issues or challenges relevant to you; spiritual healing/empowerment. 

About 95% of all communication is energetic, not simply physical or verbal, so the information I provide you is just a minor part of the flower reading experience. When your flower is read, a short spiritual energy healing is also provided for you.

How are Flower Readings Given?
Flower Readings are given in a group setting. Please contact if you are interested in hosting a Intuitive Flower reading session with you and your guests. Remember, hosts receive 
a free flower reading.